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Spelling Bee

Spelling Bee is a word game in which players have to make words of at least 4 letters using the given 7 letters in a honeycomb.

How to play Spelling Bee game

The game is set in a honeycomb. Seven words are placed in a honeycomb. Your goal is to make as many words as possible using the given letters.

Word rules:

Words must contain four or more letters.

Words must include the center letter.

Create a pangram - a word that uses all of the seven letters.

Letters can be used more than once.

Score points:

Each 4-letter word is worth 1 point.

Longer words grant you 1 point per letter.

A pangram is worth 7 extra points.

Once you find all of the possible words, you will become the Queen Bee!

To play, simply click on the letters to select. Once you've completed the word, select the Enter to submit.

If the word you've entered is correct, it will appear on the list on the board.

There is also a score bar that shows the points you've earned.

If you are stuck, you can take advantage of the Shuffle button to switch the position of letters. The center letter won't be switched in any case.

Spelling Bee game is a perfect word game to challenge your vocabulary, spelling skills, and your ability to unscramble words.

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