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Swiftle is an exciting game that combines Taylor Swift's music with guessing challenges, making it a must-play for all Swifties out there. This game is the latest spin-off of Wordle and Heardle, specifically designed for Taylor Swift fans.

How to play Swiftle

  • To play Swiftle, you simply need to listen to an audio clip of a Taylor Swift song and guess its title in six attempts or fewer. Initially, the clip will play a random part of the song, lasting only one second. You can listen to the clip as many times as you want to carefully analyze it.
  • With each guess, you unlock an additional second of the audio clip, providing more clues to help you identify the song. You can also enter the first letters or words of the song in the input box, which will suggest possible answers based on your input.
  • Just click the play button to listen to the clip every time you make a guess. If your answer is correct, the box will turn green, but if it's wrong, it will turn red.
  • Every day, Swiftle presents you with a new mystery challenge to solve, keeping the game fresh and engaging.

Different Modes in Swiftle

In addition to the main game mode, Swiftle offers two other modes: Swiftle Lyrics and Swiftle Rapid.

  • In Swiftle Lyrics, you need to guess the song by its lyrics within 10 seconds in a rapid-fire style and aim to build up a streak. If the time runs out for a song, the game ends.
  • In Swiftle Rapid, you have to guess 10-second clips in a rapid-fire manner and try to build up a streak. If the time runs out for any clip, the game ends.


Whether you're a die-hard Taylor Swift fan or a lover of word games, Swiftle provides an inclusive and enjoyable gameplay experience suitable for all ages. Challenge yourself, put your music knowledge to the test, and dive into the melodious world of Swiftle!

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