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Connections Game

Connections game is a word-grouping game where players must find four groups of four words that share a common theme without making 4 mistakes. It's another Wordle alternative that brings a new puzzle experience to word game enthusiasts.

How to play Connections Game

Play with 16 word tiles

The game features 16 words displayed in a 4x4 grid.

Form four groups of words without making four mistakes

Your main goal in this game is to find and form four groups of four words that share something in common. And you must solve the puzzle without making four mistakes. Once you use up available mistakes, the game is over.

Know the controls

To play, simply click to select four items that you think are in the same group then select Submit.

You can click again on the word to deselect it.

Select the Deselect button to deselect all.

If you find yourself looking at those words for so long that all of the words have started to lose meaning. Then, use the Shuffle feature to refresh the grid. By rearranging words, you can see them from a fresh perspective.

Learn from mistakes

If you successfully create the right group of words, those words will be removed from the grid and appear at the top of the board showcasing the theme. Your remaining tiles of words will also be rearranged.

In case you can't complete the puzzle with your given mistakes, Connections will show you the correct answers as well as the themes of groups. This can be useful because you can learn from that and progress in the next game.

Anyway, the ultimate goal is to find the connections between words and sort them into four categories.

Here are some examples:

Playground fixtures: SANDBOX, SEESAW, SLIDE, SWING.



Animals that end with X: FOX, IBEX, LYNX, ORYX.



Unlike the Wordle game, the words you need to guess are already displayed in this game.

Play one puzzle a day

Like Wordle game, the game can only be played once per day. That means even if you win or lose the game, you have to wait until the next day to play a new puzzle.

If you win the game, you can share your victory on Twitter, Facebook, and other different social media sites to show off your skills.

Tips to win at Connections game

Find the most obvious matches first

If you find words that obviously share the same category, group them and clear them from the board first. This will make spotting other groups a lot easier.

Leave the words that you don't know for the last

Pay attention to the category possibilities

In this game, there are four levels of groups differentiated by color, from yellow (the easiest), green (the second easiest), blue (medium), to purple (hard). So a yellow group will be something obvious and the purple one will be the trickiest category. You have to try to brainstorm the categories of words before you start putting them into groups.

Use the process of elimination

Try to analyze words and eliminate those that don't fit the potential theme or relationship in order to narrow down your choices.

Learn from mistakes and stay patient

Don't let incorrect guesses take you down. Think of mistakes as valuable learning chances. Consider the reasons behind those connections and use them to make better decisions in the future.

There are numerous categories and some puzzles are more challenging than others. So be patient and have a determined mindset.

Game Features

  • Word-grouping game
  • Different word categories
  • Shuffle feature
  • Daily puzzle
  • Varying difficulty levels
  • Social media shares


Are there any hints or clues available if I get stuck?

The game only offers players four available mistakes. There is no hint within the game and you will have to rely on your problem-solving and elimination skills to spot the right groups of words.

Can I play the game on my mobile device?

Connections game is available on both Desktop and Mobile devices.

Is there a time limit in Connections game?

There is no time limit in the game and you can take as much time as you want to solve the puzzle.

How often are new puzzles added?

New puzzles are added to the game every day. Each day comes with a new puzzle to solve.

What is Connections unlimited game?

Connections Unlimited is the unlimited version of the Connections game in which players are given 16 words and the main goal is to spot four groups of words that share the same category. In the unlimited version, you can play as many puzzles a day as you want instead of only one puzzle per day!

Connections has become a viral phenomenon these days. It's a new Wordle challenge from the New York Times (NYT). Jump into the world of this word-matching game and test your skills!

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