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Letter Boxed

Letter Boxed is an excellent method to test your wordplay ability! Each time you start a new puzzle, you should be open to new letter pairings and let your imagination run wild. Letter Boxed is meant to make you more artistic with words through its unique twist. 

Letter Boxed: How to Play

The goal of Letter Boxed is to make words by connecting letters around a square. Let me start you off with a quick guide:

  • Each word must have at least three letters. Join letters together to make words.
  • You can be creative because you can use the same letters to make more than one word.
  • To add another level of planning to your word-building trip, don't use consecutive letters from the same side of the square.
  • The last letter of one word becomes the first letter of the next, making a smooth flow of words that are all linked together.

Remember that you can't use proper names, hyphenated words, or bad language in this wordy adventure.

Advice and Help

  • Look into Letter Combinations: Try putting letters together in different ways to find possible words. Don't be afraid to try different things and see what works.
  • Work with words and suffixes: To build the base of your words, start by finding popular prefixes and endings. This can help you find more words to use.
  • Spend time on short words: Fill in the blanks with shorter words to connect the letters and make the square flow. This could help you get through tricky combinations.

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