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Albumdle – Try to guess your favorite album! The game's simple yet attractive design immerses you in challenges that challenge you to memorize album details and artist names in music tracks. Albumdle is limited to 16 guesses so how good are your musical skills? Can you guess what the album is called? 

Game Features

Guess Limit: You have to guess 16 times to find the correct album.

Image clues: After each guess, the album cover is gradually revealed, giving you more clues to help you predict accurately next time. You can also click Next Tile to open a portion of the album cover image.

Different modes: There are two modes, including Endless (unlimited album guessing) and Daily (the platform is limited to one album per day), allowing you to choose and play freely.

Rich information: Albumdle offers a wide selection of albums from different genres and eras, ensuring an exciting and dynamic gaming experience. Increasing difficulty levels keep you on your toes, making this game suitable for both casual music lovers and die-hard fans.

Very interesting: share the results with everyone after the competition. It's a race against time, you can compete with yourself or challenge your friends to see who can recognize the album the fastest.

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Let's explore music paradise together now and enjoy albums by many famous singers! We'd love to hear about all of your gaming experiences

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