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Blossom Word Game

Blossom Word Game is a word puzzle game where players have to connect letters to create as many words as possible. Each word must contain the center letter.

How to play Blossom Word Game

This game is inspired by the Spelling Bee game. In this game, words are placed in a flower with 6 flower petals and a bud at the center. Your goal is to use the provided letters to form as many words as possible. However, it isn't just that simple. Every word you choose must include the center letter.

To play, just click to select a letter. Once you've entered your guess, select Enter to submit. In case you select the wrong letter, select Delete to choose another one.

Basic Rules

1. Form as many words as possible.

2. Words must have at least 4 letters.

3. Words must contain the center letter.

4. Each 4-letter word gives you 1 point.

5. You can use the same letter more than once.

6. Longer words give you 1 point per letter.

7. You must create at least one word that contains every provided letter (pangram). These words are worth 7 points.

8. The longer the word, the more punctuation.

Once you've completed the puzzle, you can share your results on social networks. Don't worry that sharing will cause spoiling. The words won't be revealed as you share!

Every day will bring a new set of letters to challenge your skills.

In case you get stuck, use the Shuffle feature to rearrange the letters on the flower petals and have a brand new perspective.

Are you ready to test your vocabulary in the challenging Blossom Word game? Let’s play and show us your skills.

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