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Box Office Game

Box Office Game is an intriguing journey that you may look forward to. Could you kindly predict the top five films that will open domestically in the US on a certain weekend? Let's test your ability to anticipate which huge winners will appear on the big screen!

How to Engage in Box Office Game

  • Identify the Top 5: A new film opens to great reviews at the box office every weekend. Identifying the five films that you believe will top the box office is your task.
  • Clues: The purpose of the game is to assist you in making educated guesses by providing you with useful hints. Just choose the (+) symbol next to every row to uncover some valuable spoilers about the film!
  • Points of exchange: You may trade in your well-earned points for the suggestions. You will be able to access more tips as you get more points! Use them carefully to increase the likelihood that your prediction will be accurate!
  • The game is done. The game continues until one of two circumstances is satisfied. Plus, you made 10 incorrect guesses. All five films have also been made public. 

Prepare for the Enchanted Film!

Take a seat back, grab some popcorn, and begin guessing! Did you accurately predict the top 5 films in the US with the highest domestic box office receipts? May the box office always work in your favor and good luck!

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