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Bytle is a fascinating game that will test your intellect and have you on the edge of your seat! Bytle adds a distinctive twist by requiring you to estimate an unsigned 8-bit binary integer, much to the well-known game Wordle. Are you prepared to explore the realm of binary digits and challenge your ability to decode them? 

Crack the Bytle Code 

If you accept the challenge, you have to predict the base-10 (denary) number, like 89. Once your estimate has been made, see how it is translated into binary and shown on a row on the game board. Deciphering the binary digits and placing them properly to reveal the concealed number is the first task.

Green, Orange, and White Colorful Clues Await!

Look for the color-coded hints as you enter the binary numbers and make your estimates. In Bytle, an orange digit denotes that it is approximately in the proper location, while green signifies that a digit is in the proper spot. A digit that is completely off will show up in white. The excitement builds as you continue to guess and refine your answers, striving for that elusive all-green row. Can you crack the code and achieve a perfect row of green digits?

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