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Cludl is a daily word puzzle where everyone has the same clue. The player must rely on that hint and only have one guess. It is too difficult, isn't it? The limited number of guesses adds an extra layer of difficulty, making it a truly challenging and engaging word puzzle. Players can test their vocabulary and problem-solving skills while enjoying the thrill of solving a daily puzzle.

Cludl Color Suggestions

To become a winner at Cludl, you need to pay attention to the color of the crossword clues when you first start. If the letterbox is gray, it indicates that the corresponding letter does not appear in the word you are trying to reduce. If the letter you guessed appears in the yellow box, it is part of the word but not in the correct position. If the letter box representing it is blue then it can be found in the correct position within the word.

How to play Cludl

From that color hint, you must use your profound vocabulary to correctly guess the hidden word. You only have one chance to guess. If it's not correct, come back the next day. New, more interesting crosswords are always waiting for you to discover!

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