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Codeword is like a crossword puzzle but numerical codes replace the clues. Each letter will be represented numerically throughout the puzzle. Solve all the connected words and you will be the winner!

How to play Codeword

Every day there will be a different crossword to challenge you! Your task is to find which letter is represented by which number correctly! You fill in the letters in the crossword to make it meaningful.

Use the eye icon for hints. Crosswords are complicated and you have to fill them with meaningful words! This is a way to improve your vocabulary very quickly.


Having to think and identify letters corresponding to numbers will help you remember vocabulary effectively. Codeword requires players to think logically and reason to decode numeric codes into letters. Facing puzzles and codes will help enhance flexible and creative thinking. Playing Codeword not only brings intellectual benefits but also helps reduce stress and relax during the puzzle solving process.

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