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Colourdle is an innovative everyday game inspired by Josh Wardle's renowned Wordle game. The game has straightforward rules and a really interesting gameplay.

Colordle: A Guide to Playing

The objective of the Colourdle game is for you to determine the RGB value of a color sample that has been presented to you. Whenever you make a guess, the algorithm will give you feedback to direct you in the direction of the correct answer. This game provides players with six opportunities to predict the RGB value correctly.

The Success of the Game

Players are required to enter a total of nine numbers to emerge successful in the game of Colourdle. The first three numbers are responsible for representing the red value, the subsequent three are responsible for representing the green value, and the final three are responsible for representing the blue value. Please ensure that each RGB value you input is a three-digit number within the range of 000 to 255.

Feedback System

The game will present you with colored feedback boxes after each guess, which will indicate how accurate your predictions were when you made them. While a yellow box symbolizes a correct number in the wrong position, a green box shows a correct number in the appropriate location. A black box denotes a completely inaccurate number. You can put your ability to guess RGB colors to the test by participating in the daily Colordle challenge!

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