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Combinations Game

Combinations Game is an engaging online word game. Players arrange letters to form words. Every day, the game presents a new puzzle with a new set of letter combinations. Each letter block is given only once per word creation, challenging players to explore every corner of the language.

How to play Combinations Game

  • Grid analysis: Examine the letter grid and note how often the combinations appear.
  • Word formation: Combine combinations from the grid to create words with 2-4 different combinations.
  • Word criteria: Avoid hyphenated words, proper nouns, profanity, or rare words.
  • Scoring: Score for each word equal to the number of letters.


Winning daily challenges, Combinations Game requires dexterity in strategic word formation and utilization of optimal letter combinations. By maximizing your score on each quiz, you can aim for the lofty goal of achieving a perfect 5-star rating.

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