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Diffle is a challenging word-guessing game where winning is not easy. The goal for players is to guess the word in as few attempts as possible. As a variation of Wordle, Diffle offers a unique and thrilling experience. Can you decipher the mystery word using the game's clues? We have faith in your abilities!

How to play Diffle

Guess a valid word and hit enter to submit your prediction. Remember, words can be 2 to 10 letters long.

Watch as the boxes magically change color, revealing how close your guess is to the word.

  • Gray letters mean they are not in the word.
  • Green letters, when separated, indicate that they are in the mystery word and in the correct order.
  • Blue letters, grouped, show that they are next to each other.

Angled ends of the blue group mean they are at the correct start or end position.

And keep an eye out for yellow text! It means the letter appears in the word but is in the wrong position. Get ready for a thrilling challenge in Diffle, and may your guesses lead you to victory!


Gather your wits, unleash your imagination, and dive into the world of Diffle. It's time to show off your linguistic prowess and conquer the game. Remember, the journey may be tough, but the thrill of victory is oh-so-sweet. Don't wait another moment! Let the word-guessing extravaganza begin right now, my friends!

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