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Eldrow presents you with two words. One word acts as the clue, teasing you with a hint, while the other word is your answer. But here's the catch - you have to work your way backward from the clue to find your answer! It's like solving a crossword puzzle in reverse, and trust me, it's as mind-boggling as it sounds.

Crack the Code with Eldrow

Each puzzle comes with a unique combination of multicolored grids and stem words. Try to guess the secret crossword based on the available crossword from the color hint.

For each guess, you will need to tell the computer which letter it is correct:

Green: This word is correct

Yellow: This letter is in the word but not in this position

Black: This word is not in the text

Please try the following example

Guess the secret score





Share the Fun and master language

With 5 letters per day, how many valid words can you guess? Let's explore this brain-damaging game right away. Don't keep all the fun to yourself! Invite your friends to join in on this linguistic rollercoaster. Together, you can laugh, scratch your heads, and celebrate each victorious moment. ELDROW is not just a game; it's an experience that will leave you craving for more wordy adventures.

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