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Hangman is an ideal game for testing your mental stamina while still having fun. Hangman has a lot of things from many different groups, like animals, places, movies, and more. Take out a pen and paper, and let's start playing Hangman!

The Way To Play Hangman

  • The goal is to figure out the secret word before the stickman is hung from the ceiling. 
  • In each round, you'll see a string of dots that stand for the letters in the word. After each letter, you have to guess it and fill in the right one.
  • An extra piece of the stickman's body will be put to the gallows for every wrong answer. Time is running out!

Advice and Help

  • Are you stuck? Do not worry! To help you beat Hangman, here are some tips and tricks:
  • Begin with the vowels: You can get ahead by picking the vowels first, since they are found in most words.
  • Look for designs that repeat: Find a pattern of letters that show up over and over in the dashes. This could help you figure out the secret word.
  • Take out letters that don't belong: As you try to figure it out, get rid of letters that don't fit the pattern to make your choices smaller.
  • Use what you know: Use what you know about the subject and the words you know to make accurate guesses.

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