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Immaculate Grid

Immaculate Grid introduces an exciting game that dares baseball fans to put their knowledge to the test. It offers a distinctive twist on the well-known word game, Wordle, tailored specifically for MLB enthusiasts. The objective is to decipher the sports wordle challenge and aim for the coveted "Immaculate Grid" by accurately guessing all grid points.

How to play Immaculate Grid? 

Follow these steps to play Immaculate Grid effectively.

  • For each cell, select the player that matches the criteria in the corresponding row and column. 
  • It takes 9 attempts to complete the grid.
  • All guesses, whether correct or incorrect, count as an attempt.
  • A new grid appear every day. 

Rules to play Immaculate Grid

  • Each MLB player can be used once only. 
  • MLB Player can be active or inactive.
  • Previous franchise name has been qualified. For example, Expos players play against the Nationals and Browns players play against the Orioles.
  • For players and teams his box: A player must participate in at least one of his main games in the tournament for his respective team.
  • For teams and award boxes: the player must have won an award during the season while playing for this team.  All-Star selections are affiliated with a single team.
  • Hall of Famers can be inducted from any category (player, team, umpire, official/pioneer), but must have played in a major league game.
  • A World Series winning team must appear in a postseason game (or postseason roster) for that particular season in order to qualify.
  • For team and season statistics fields: Players must record statistics when playing for this team.
  • For two stat/award boxes: Players do not necessarily have to achieve the same stat/award in the same season.

Tips for winning with Immaculate Grid

  • Get familiar with player and team statistics. 
  • Delve into historical data and research award winners.
  • Pay attention to past franchise names and group affiliations.
  • Check the various statistics and specific requirements for awards.
  • Use Immaculate Grid's search filters and advanced features.

Are you ready to embark on an exhilarating journey that will test your strategic thinking and problem-solving skills? Look no further than Immaculate Grid, the game that will captivate your mind and keep you coming back for more!


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