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In Minecraftle, you can practice your making skills. Your task is to use the items you already have to make a secret item. You have 10 chances to win. Do you think you can do it? Find out by testing your skills!

Objectives in Minecraftle

Your task is to use the items in your collection to make a secret thing. Put your brains and imagination to the test. You only get a certain number of chances to guess the secret thing in this game. You have 10 chances to guess, so you need to plan ahead and pick your items carefully.

Decoding the Mesh

  • Each guess will help you figure out the puzzle by giving you useful information. The grid's feedback will help you complete your task.
  • If you put an ingredient in the square and it stays green, that means that ingredient is not in the recipe. This tip will help you get rid of some choices and leave only a few left.
  • The orange square shows a part of the grid that you put there when it should be somewhere else. This hint will help you move your items around and change your plan.
  • The component is not only correct, but it is also in the right place if it has a green square next to it. Enjoy these times of success because they bring you closer to victory.

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