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Morsele is a unique word-guessing game based on Morse code. You don't need to be a connoisseur of all things classical or Morse code to play. Explore and you will fall in love with this ultimate 2-in-1 blend!

About Morsele

  • In this fun game, you will be tasked with guessing a word that will be broadcast using Morse code. The player has 21 attempts to decode. The real challenge lies in playback speed, which starts at 40 words per minute (WPM). However, as you progress through your predictions, the speed will decrease by 5 WPM every three tries, giving you a fighting chance to keep up with the rapid-fire dots and dashes.
  • Each time you guess, you get one chance to hear the word again. This allows you to closely analyze Morse code and fine-tune your next attempts.
  • Even if some letters are still a mystery, you can still try to guess the word. Correct answers will be highlighted in green but there are no other hints to guide you.


As the pace slows and the match progresses, the tension increases. You must maintain concentration and calmness to discover the hidden words before time runs out. It is the skill of using knowledge, logic, and your sharp ear to decode Morse code. Are you ready to decode?

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