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Pimantle is a fun word game that takes players on a trip to find languages spoken by other stars. The game Pimantle uses a new way to guess words and pushes players to figure out the daily secret word by following the yellow star in the middle. Get ready to go on an exciting adventure through the world of words as you try to find the secret keywords in Pimantle.

How to Play Pimantle 

  • Secret Word forecast: Type in your guess and wait for the system to respond with input on how accurate your answer was, such as Similarity, Ranking, and forecast time.
  • Discover the Universe Dataset: Look through a large dataset with many different words, but be aware that some of them might be insulting. You can use "hint" and "explore" to find your way through the huge list of words and find the elusive secret word.
  • Try to hit the brightest star: Together, decode and try to find the biggest star at the center of the universe in Pimantle. Your forecasts should help you.

How to Be Successful

  • Similarity in meaning: Pay close attention to what the system tells you about how alike your guesses are in terms of meaning. You can use this knowledge to improve your guesses and get closer to finding the secret word.
  • Exploration with others: Talk to other players to explore the universe's information and find secret keywords. Use your combined language skills to get to the Pimantle space center's biggest star.
  • Join Pimantle on a cosmic word-guessing journey where you can learn about language and the stars. In this exciting cosmic adventure, you'll have to find secret keywords, find your way through the semantic universe, and make your way to the biggest star.

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