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Plusword is a crossword puzzle game that tests your word-solving abilities in a novel and fun way! Prepare to put your intellect to the test by solving the crossword and discovering the hidden Plusword. This game will keep you fascinated with its interesting dynamics and daily challenges!

How to Play Plusword

  • Get the crossword answer: First, finish the crossword problem that was given. To fill in the gaps and finish the words, use your vocabulary and ability to solve problems. As you go through the crossword, you'll see circles that are shaded.
  • Fill out the PlusWord: This is where the twist comes in! To finish the PlusWord, you need to find the letters in the shaded crossword boxes. Make sure you pay attention to what color each lined square is: green squares indicate letters that appear in the same column in both the crossword and the PlusWord, while yellow squares indicate letters that appear in the PlusWord but not in the same column as in the crossword, making it more challenging to determine their placement.
  • Use logic to figure it out: The goal of the PlusWord puzzle is to be solved by using reasoning and not guessing. Even though some letters in the PlusWord may not be in the puzzle, there is always only one answer that can be given.
  • Put together both parts of the puzzle: You have to answer both the crossword and the PlusWord in order to finish the PlusWord puzzle. Remember that they go together to make a full puzzle experience. Make sure you give both parts the same amount of care.
  • Daily Challenges and Availability: A brand-new PlusWord puzzle awaits you every day at midnight (BST)! Challenge yourself with fresh crosswords and unique PlusWords on a daily basis.


Plusword takes crossword games to a whole new level. Use hints from the crossword to figure out the hidden PlusWord. Test your ability to solve words, start an intellectual trip every day, and grow into a real wordsmith. Enter the world of PlusWord to experience a whole new level of crossword puzzle fun!

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