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Spellbound is a game of arranging words to form meaningful letters. How can those seemingly meaningless single words become one cohesive and meaningful word? It's all thanks to your superior skills as a word wizard.

About Spellbound

Your task is to arrange the shuffled letters on the board and create different words. Each level limits the number of letters you have to work with. Many times you will feel like you can't produce any more words... But trust me, your patience and perseverance will be rewarded. Keep going, my friend, and you will be amazed at the words you find.

Why should you play Spellbound?

Make Spellbound a regular part of your routine. You will see your vocabulary knowledge expand exponentially. But the benefits don't stop there - this game also helps you become a more patient and focused individual. Solving those word puzzles requires intense concentration. So you will sharpen both your mind and spirit.

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