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Six tries to guess the STATELE! This is a fun game where you only get 6 chances to guess a U.S. state, region, or D.C.

How Does Statele Work?

The states, territories, or D.C. you choose for each guess must be real. A helpful hint will be sent to you after each guess to help you find the right answer. You will get input that tells you how close your guess is to the right answer, as well as the distance between your guess and the target location and the direction of the target location.


  • NEW MEXICO: 1,569 km – 66%

As you guessed, NEW MEXICO is 1,569 km away from the goal state. You are only 66% close to the goal state, which is in the northeast direction. It's a long way away!

  • 757 km - 83% of Michigan

Michigan, your second guess is getting better! It's 757 km away, going west, and you're 83% of the way there!

  • NEW YORK: 0 km - 100%

Take a guess: MINNESOTA! Guess the state! Excellent work!

Get ready to play State

Every day there will be a new STATELE, so make sure you come back every day for a new task. Have fun with STATELE in 6 Guesses and see how much you know about geography.

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