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Travle is an engaging game that tests your geography knowledge and sparks your desire to travel. The game's objective is to name countries that will take you from the Start Country to the End Country, and it challenges you to reach your destination in as few guesses as possible.

How to play Travle

  • Name countries to travel from the Start Country to the End Country in as few guesses as possible.
  • You can guess the countries in any order, but exclaves don't count as new connections.
  • After each guess, you'll receive an emoji feedback from the computer. A green emoji means your guess is optimal, an orange one means your guess is pretty good but not the most efficient, and a red one means your guess is a significant detour. If your guess is not connected to the Start Country, it will be colored gray.
  • Direct jumps over water within a country are allowed, but jumps that require you to go nearer other countries don't count. For example, jumping between the islands of Malaysia is allowed, but jumping between France and French Guiana is not.
  • New Travle is released every night at midnight, local time.

Tips and tricks 

  • To improve your chances of success in Travle, start by guessing neighboring countries and gradually work your way toward the End Country. 
  • Identify major land connections between countries and analyze geographic features like rivers and mountains to determine potential routes.
  • Take advantage of the daily release of new Travle challenges to learn from your past gameplay experiences and improve your skills over time.

Overall, whether you're an experienced traveler or a virtual explorer, Travle Unlimited provides an exciting chance to discover the world from the convenience of your device.

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