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Woodle is an engaging 5-letter word guessing game. With each successful guess, you will feel satisfied. The thrill of the hunt and the satisfaction of solving the mystery make WOODLE a true delight. Can you conquer the challenge and reveal the word of the day?

How to play Woodle

The goal is simple: guess a 5-letter word and the game will reveal how many letters are correctly placed and how many are misplaced. This feedback appears as a pair of numbers next to your prediction, giving you invaluable clues to help you figure out the final word.

Decode, guess one by one

Make a series of predictions, carefully analyzing the responses you receive. Each guess brings you one step closer to the elusive word of the day. Use the tips provided to your advantage – tap on letters in your guessing history to change their color, and keep track of which letters are correctly placed, misplaced, or completely not in the word.

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