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Wordle is an addictive word-guessing game that challenges players to uncover a five-letter hidden word. How many delectable word responses can you come up with?

How to play Wordle game

Wordle offers easy gameplay that is accessible to everyone, even beginners. The main goal is to guess ONE hidden word correctly in as few attempts as possible.

Players need to make 6 attempts at guessing a valid 5-letter word.

After each guess, the color of the tile will change, indicating how close you are to guessing the correct word: The green signifies the letters are in the right position. The yellow indicates the letters are in the hidden word but not in the correct positions. The gray color appears when a letter is not present in the word.

A new puzzle is released daily at midnight.

Tips for playing Wordle

1. Players should have knowledge of different vocabularies and practice regularly.

2. Starting the game with words that contain at least three distinct vowels such as "audio," "canoe," and "mouse”.

3. Complete the next clue based on the color-coded tiles in the first hint.

4. Remember that the same letter can appear twice in a word.

Try Wordle right now and put your vocabulary knowledge to the test!

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